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Why is Social Learning important?
Social learning helps develop social thinking skills. Social thinking is required before the development of social skills and successful social interaction. 
Successful social thinkers consider the points of view, emotions, thought, beliefs, prior knowledge and intentions of others. (This is often called perspective-taking - considering the perspective of others.)  Social thinking is for people an intuitive process. Most of us can determine the meanings behind the messages communicated by others and know how to respond to them within a few milliseconds to three seconds. Social thinking occurs everywhere - when we talk and share space, when we walk down the street, even when we read a novel, watch a TV drama and relate to our pets. It is an intelligence that integrates information across home, work and community settings - something we usually take for granted!

At The Social Learning Connection, we utilize creative hands-on activities and a multimedia approach to help develop social thinking skills across environments.  
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