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​The Social Learning Connection
Individual Therapy Services
Weekly Therapy Groups
Group Sessions
Group Size is generally between 3-4 participants. The group consists of approximately 50 minutes of direct therapy for the student and 10 minutes of parent education each week. Our staff goes above and beyond in coordinating the group placements. However, on some occasions students' initial placements are not successful. We will coordinate with you in this event.
Small Group Sessions
Small group consists of only 2 students. The purpose of the small group is to accommodate the more unique needs of the students with low auditory processing, very weak ability to take perspective of others or have significant behavioral challenges. We prefer to serve students in the larger group size and will move your child to the larger group when we all feel it is an appropriate time. The group consists of approximately 50 minutes of direct therapy for the students and 10 minutes of parent education each week. 
Adult Group Sessions
Adult sessions provide opportunities for our clients to explore concepts and develop tools to address various areas of social understanding and learning.  Some areas of focus may include: Perspective Taking, Personal Problem Solving, Self-Advocacy, Related Social Anxiety, Organizational Skills, and Social Communication and Advanced Social Relationship Skills for use in the work setting, home, college campus and community. 
Consultation with School District at their place of business:
This can include brainstorming meetings, small staff training, curriculum development, teacher or aide development, teacher or aide training, attending IEP meetings or observation of the student in class. 
Family Evaluation Consultation Review
The evaluation is NOT required prior to placement in a social learning group
The informal learning assessment developed by Michelle Garcia Winner is used to explore the social and academic skills of the student. 
Social Saturdays
Social Saturdays are scheduled times to encourage social initiation, planning and to experience social events, using and building on skills the clients have begun to acquire in the small-group setting. 
Summer Express Camp
Summer Express Camp is a social learning camp that focuses on building confidence and developing social thinking skills. The program embraces communication skills, conflict resolution, leisure activities and positive learning strategies. It's a place where friendships are built and individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves. 

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      Social Learning Services for K-12th Grades and Adults
We explore creative approaches to enhance the development of social skills in both the classroom and in other social settings. 
Social thinking and related skills are taught in a small-group or individual-therapy environment that is supportive and thought-provoking.
There is a strong parent component. Parents are educated on the skills and strategies to help their students carry the new concepts out of the therapy door and into the real-life setting. 
Both parents and students learn how skills impact academic endeavors. Clients and parents work with therapist to implement strategies for better school work.
We provide a variety of services including:
We have limited openings for individual therapy, especially during after-school hours, since group therapy is priority.